director / playwright / producer / PhD researcher / curator

*sometimes a journalist.

The work I do in theatre and film is usually inspired by real life events / people, which I investigate using journalistic tools. Though in my productions the documentation serves as the foundation, in the end it’s usually the fiction that takes over and helps me imagine possibilities which are most of the time denied in real life.

I am interested in a variety of topics, with a soft spot for the interference (and role) of religion into nowadays societies / art and with an interest in the mixture of progressive developments of ideologies with the old conservation of structural powers in the Eastern Europe.

My work as a director and playwright has been featured from National Theatres to independent cultural venues in Romania and other European cities. My plays have been translated into English, French, Hungarian, Portuguese and Catalan.

As a journalist, I published reports for VICE and I was one of the founding editors of Brrlog magazine. This website serves as my artistic portfolio and it’s still up to be completed.

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