written and directed by Gabriel Sandu / video: Ana Cârlan / music: Andrei Raicu / cast: Nicholas Cațianis, Edith Alibec, Andrei Raicu (live music) / light design: Dragoș Petrișor / set design: Andra Manea

Where: POINT ART HUB, Bucharest

Premiered: November 2019

Selections: Bucharest Fringe Festival 2020, Caleido Performative Arts Festival 2020

Awards: Special Jury Award for Best Actor Nicholas Cațianis Jr,

Nominated for Best Play @Focus Drama Satu Mare

Special Jury Award for Best Actress Edith Alibec @Bucharest Fringe Festival 2020


Forgot” is a show inspired by the real story of a kid from a small city in Romania, Galați, who was isolated by his mother in a garage and raised to believe that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. The news made the rounds on television in 2007-2008, then rarely heard anything about the subject.

The show fictionalizes and imagines what happens to the boy’s life after the age of 12, when he finds out that he is just a man like everyone else. A story about memory, affection, about things that we thought we forgot, but that always follow us. A coming of age that starts from Galați, arrives in Berlin and makes one last stop in Bucharest.

A story about our need to be significant, about the little everyday messianism, about what is left after the first love, about the power of the projections of others on our life.

GALAȚI meets ᗷEᖇᒪIᑎ meets ORTODOXISM HARDCORE meets SOFT B̳D̳S̳M̳  meets FIRST LOVE meets 【TECHNO MUSIC】meets JESUS meets  ᔕᑌᖇᐯIᐯᗩᒪ meets T̶R̶A̶U̶M̶A̶ meets UITASEM

“The show is run with a confident directorial hand, playing lightly with the comic register, or with the poetry of the fairy tale that enhances the dramatic dimension. As a director, Sandu fulfils his text, demonstrating his mastery of the scenic means and an admirable sense of measure, but also of a well-tempered drama and – therefore – even more disturbing. A great quality: the show says beautifully and convincingly (but not at all didactically) what it set out to say”

Bogdan Burileanu, Liternet

„In Gabriel Sandu’s show, the narrative goes beyond an exceptional case and plunges into the martyrdom of suffering because of a lack of love and compassion. It unveils under the crust of an unusual story, the irreversible trauma produced by dysfunctional relationships between parents and children”

Oana Cristea Grigorescu, Observatorul Cultural

„A show with a very well constructed narrative, with suspense and emotion”

Mirela Petre, Libertatea

“The show talks about the vulnerable and vulnerabilities, how the abused becomes abuser under pressure from a society that extract profit from everything, including suffering. Society swarm of violence, poverty and dementia, the social system is in a mess not poetic at all, but the text has lyrical passages, including one about deer, cruelty, and fear, a metaphor for murdered innocence. religion and the Church appear, as subjects, in another play by Gabriel Sandu, My Father, the Priest)”

Oana Stoica, Dilema Veche

„Cleverly constructed, a story that combines bitter fun with emotion. Gabriel Sandu’s lines are alive, rich and have that something that makes them stand out.”

Alina Epingeac, Revista Amfiteatru
FORGOT / UITASEM (trailer) – English Subtitles available