Dușmănie v.2.0. E ceva vindecător în a le da oamenilor un obiect al urii lor

written and directed by Gabriel Sandu / video: Ana Cârlan / music: Xenti Runceanu / cast: Mihaela Teleoacă, Oana Pușcatu, Alex Mirea / light design: Ștefan Vasilescu / set design: Raluca Alexandrescu

Where: TEATRELLI, Bucharest

Premiered: December 2021

Festival Selections:

FITS (Sibiu International Theater Festival)

Fest- FDR (Festivalul Dramaturgiei Românești Timișoara)


”A text like this, a show like the one performed at Teatrelli is a necessary act, maybe even serving as a healing reparation.”

Alina Maer, scenasicuvinte.ro

”The show is as lively and as present as possible. Gabriel Sandu succeeds in approaching a topic that has been treated in many parts of the country in such way it seems something completely new, that we have not seen before”

Diana Parpalea, epingeanca

The third strong point of the show is the dynamic – imposed by the director and not by the performers, a surprising dynamic which doesn’t tires you, but allows you to immerse in the show’s imaginarium and in the recent – not so recent – history.”

Nona Rapotan, Bookhub


“ENMITY. THERE IS SOMETHING SOOTHING IN GIVING PEOPLE AN OBJECT OF THEIR HATRED”, written and directed by Gabriel Sandu, it is an interdisciplinary show about the need for intimacy, belonging and the desire to control the story about ourselves, which we pass on to others.

The show brings to the fore three contradictory characters, linked together by a traumatic past.

Alina is an ambitious young documentary filmmaker, for whom there are no limits when it comes to her own film, realizes that she has an unmissable subject when she meets Ioana, a member of the former secrete police (securitate), who does, with serenity, hallucinatory statements in front of the camera, but also her nephew, Andrei, an old child, with a lot of artistic talent, who lives completely isolated next to his grandmother.

Things take an unexpected turn when the film gains massive visibility, and the lives of the three characters will be changed for good.

With a powerful video component, the show questions how true and how fictional it is in the documentary genre and explores what happens on an individual level when complicated stories are presented to the public in a simplified or even manipulative way.

Trailer with English subtitles